Our world-class design team will help you design and build great things.  We bring over 20 years of experience in product, and user experience design, management. leadership and organizational change.  We also offer a series of workshops to give your teams the head start they need. 

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Workshop 1:
User Centred Design

8 hours | 4-8 people 



It seems so intuitive to put your users at the centre of your product development process, but it’s amazing how such an obvious thing can be pushed aside. “We are peers before the object” (Tina’s old boss used to say). A great user experience supersedes any organizational hierarchy or departmental bureaucracy. A well developed data informed framework can move your product and services from good to great. Learn frameworks, strategies and clear actions you can take to transform your product.     

Workshop 2:
Game Design

4 hours | 4- 8 people 



This workshop is designed to help small teams evaluate their early stage game concepts with the fundamentals of user-centred design. Applying a series of UX frameworks will help orient your game design team towards a better user experience and NPS score.  This interactive three-part workshop includes an introduction to the fundamental user centred design frameworks, a design brief workshop and a facilitated team critique. 

Workshop 3:
Work Better Together

3 days | 4-6 people
NB: This can be broken into 3 full day modules



Having a team that trusts each other and communicates well with each other is the key to any successful organization. Drawing on insights from the Crucial Conversations framework, Conflict Resolution Styles and Radical Candor, we’ll deep dive into personal, team and company dynamics. In order to co-design the culture where everyone can thrive, we first need to understand the current shared (or unshared assumptions) and then reconstruct them from the ground up.  

Workshop 4:

8 hours | 4-8 people



Making big impact doesn’t mean you have to run your small team down. It doesn’t mean you need to have hire a large team either. It just means you have to define your aims and ruthlessly prioritize. We’ll review and analyze the Action Priority Framework to develop the systems needed in your organization to maximize impact with the brain power that you already have.

Workshop 5:
Learn Fast and Make Things

4 hours | 4-6 people



In this workshop we’ll review a portfolio of case studies for how products evolved over rapid prototyping and iteration. Throw perfectionism out the window and learn how to shepherd your fragile ideas into robust products that work.