Props & Puzzle Builder

Props & Puzzle Builder

Company Overview

Company & Co. designs, develops and delivers immersive experiences. Founded on the principles of experience design, Company & Co. are pioneers in immersive theatre and live action experiences, urban revitalization and other curious endeavors.

In 2013, Company & Co. brought the original Real Escape Game from Scrap Entertainment Japan to Toronto, hosting over 25,000 players. Since then they produced the critically-acclaimed Casa Loma Escape Series, which launched in the summer of 2015. In addition, Company & Co. most recently developed and delivered one of the first ever cityscape games across Toronto’s Kensington Market and Chinatown.

About the Role:

You will work with the lead game designers and production team at Company & Co., to design and deliver unique, immersive, experiences to Company & Co.’s audience. You’ll work primarily on the design, prototyping, and building of puzzle prop pieces – with a focus on robust designs within a sensitive timeframe.

The ideal candidate will have experience in the following:

  • Technical Experience
    It’s important to us that each experience we design is as flawless, unique, and robust as can be – sometimes this takes a little magic. The ideal candidate knows exactly how to use tech to achieve this goal. Maybe that’s putting RFID chips in antique dolls, making a wall move with a garage door opener, or building magnetic triggers into secret bookcases, if you’re capable, we’re interested. Previous experience programming arduinos, or working with DIY tech with a focus on off-the-shelf parts, definitely a plus.

  • Prop Building
    One of the primary goals of every experience we deliver is to bring new worlds to life. We specialize in making those worlds as real as possible to our audience, ready to be experienced through all senses – which often means making props that do what they need to, and are robust enough to last. The ideal candidate has experience with their hands – measuring, cutting, mounting, hammering, sanding, painting, drilling, drawing, screwing, unscrewing, etc, etc. Previous experience building secret compartments/doors, dressing theatre sets, masking electronics in objects of all kinds, +10 points.

  • Game Design Experience is a Plus
    Players and press from every angle have given us rave reviews. We like to imagine that it’s tied to how much effort we put into the building of our experiences – from all ends, but most importantly that what we build is fun. The ideal candidate for this position understands, and has experience in, designing games from start to finish. We want someone who can bring insight to our team, who can tighten up the team’s process, and evolve the way we design. Know fun. Previous experience designing escape rooms, board games, video games, or any other game, can be a big advantage.

Location: We have offices at Trinity Bellwoods, in Casa Loma, and at Dundas & Spadina, and we’re not stopping there.

Compensation:  To be based on experience

Term: Contract based on project work – 3 month with the chance to renew.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please email us at Applications should include your cover letter, resume and any other interesting info you have to share.