Tina Santiago Keenan
Co-Founder &
Principle Product Designer


Tina is a design leader. She’s worked in tech and design for the last 15 years in Toronto, Geneva, Oxford, London and the Bay Area. Most recently, she led the small but mighty design team to launch Portal, Facebook’s first consumer social hardware device.

Prior to Facebook, Tina worked with Hot Studio as a consultant to a number of Fortune 500 companies and startups in the Bay Area. She’s contributed to research publications at international think tanks, including WWF-UK and The Finance Innovation Lab. In her earlier career she pioneered new media projects with the National Film Board of Canada, the Canadian Film Centre, working with the Ministry of Canadian Heritage, and the 2010 Vancouver Olympics Cultural Olympiad.

Patrick Keenan
Co-Founder & Advisor

Patrick has a background in design, engineering, and making new ideas work. He counts himself lucky enough to have worked with some of the smartest people on projects that bring people closer together. At Google he worked on travel, maps, notes, and android. At Facebook he worked on events, designed, and launched Facebook Local

His interests span from the tiniest of typography to the expanse of shared immersive experience. After 10 years away, he has returned to Toronto with his wife Tina and believe Toronto is at a crucial and incredible inflection point on the world stage. He believes the future belongs to those who build it. He loves working with people who have optimistic visions, big hearts, and humble states of mind.