Thank you for visiting our website. For over three decades, our team at Company & Co. has been observing and studying the fundamental nature of curiosity, down to it’s atomic composition. Why, you ask? Well the very fact that you asked that question is the answer.

Recent studies have shown that this single protein is responsible for synaptic plasticity and rapid acquisition of spacial memory and promotes a specific form of exploratory behavior known as curiosity. Our working hypothesis, known as The Theory of Elemental Curiosity, is as follows:

Curiosity in it’s most pure form is responsible for physical and emotional manifestations of joy and wonder. Due to it’s propensity towards discovery, it provides a sense of adventure, motivation, and self-assurance. It is the root cause of the phenomenon known as belly laughter, a naturally occurring addiction.

It is with great regret that we report declining levels of NCS-1. The cause of this is still unknown, but some evidence suggests that pervasive ego inflation and douchebaggary are highly correlated with this decline. Our mission is to inject the world with more NCS-1. We are determined to continue our studies of the unknown and challenge the definition of the truth as we know it. Only few can intrinsically regenerate NCS-1. The mere fact that you found us, implies that you are a primary candidate to experience elemental curiosity.

We cordially invite you to join our expeditions.

– Company & Co.